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Zahid Akbar and Arefin Rumi with new songs

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Popular lyricist-composer duo Zahid Akbar and Arefin Rumey’s new song is coming soon. The title of the song is ‘Tomai Haria Felechi’.

No song of this couple has been coming for a long time. The wait for the duo’s fans is finally coming to an end.

These Songs Lyrics By Popular lyricist Zahid Akbar and Tune, music and Vocal By Arefin Rumey. The song is in the drama ‘Mayai Theko’ directed by Muhammad Mostafa Kamal Raj. The song was originally composed with the interest of Mostafa Kamal Raj.

Lyricist Zahid Akbar said, ‘I have always loved writing songs with Arfin Rumey. This time too, he was no exception. Love is for everyone. ‘

Note that the popular songs of Zahid Akbar and Arefin Rumi are- ‘Tomar Chokhe Akash Amar Chad Uzar Purnima ‘, ‘Moner Ekla Ghare’, ‘Veja Hawate’, ‘Kicho Kotha Akashe Pathao’ etc.

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