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Eid special Sisimpur on BTV

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There are 3 episodes of special Sisimpur for our little friends in this Eid too. This special program will be aired from Bangladesh Television through its Eid Anondomela program on Eid day and second day of Eid at 1:05 pm and again on third day of Eid in the morning at 9:30.

Popular faces Halum, Shiku, Tuktuki and Ikri will take part in this special program. Their friends Hasin, Jannat, Adrik, Aditi, Prangon and Anisha will also accompany them. They will share their Eid excitements being connected online staying safe at own home.

We will know about Eid from Tuktuki on the first day program. What is Eid in real sense? Also, we will know that religion may be personal, but festival is universal. So, Eid is also for all! Our little friends will get the idea of ‘cultural diversity’ from this episode through recreation and sharing of information.

Popular presenter Shiku will come up with basketful of quizzes on the second day of Eid. The full episode will include question-answer session on ‘traditional delicious food’. Our little friends will learn about different delicious food of our country. They will also learn about variety of food and food value from the health club video of Halum-Raya.

We will know all about ‘various kinds’ from the presentation of Halum from the special program on the third day of Eid. There are different kinds of things in the world. There are human being, animals and plants. Are they all look alike? Friend of Sisimpur Halum will present the topic ‘various kinds’ through recreation and sharing of information to the friends.


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