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ULAB Students Gain Valuable Insights in International Week at IIM Shillong

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Nine ULAB MBA students recently participated in an international week organized by the Indian Institute of Management (IIM) Shillong. The program provided valuable insights into various aspects of business, equipping the students with essential skills for their careers. They attended sessions by renowned professors on topics such as business sustainability, data science, and the future of work. The program also facilitated networking opportunities and cultural immersion, emphasizing the importance of cultural sensitivity and emotional intelligence. The picturesque campus of IIM Shillong provided an ideal environment for learning. The ULAB Vice Chancellor highlighted the significance of the program in ULAB’s MBA curriculum. The students’ participation was fully sponsored by IIM Shillong, reflecting their commitment to transformative education. Such international exchange programs empower MBA students to gain a global perspective and essential skills for success in the business world.

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