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All concerned need to work together to make the country tobacco-free: Manoranjan Sheel Gopal MP

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Manoranjan Sheel Gopal, Member of Parliament for Dinajpur-1 Constituency, said, I will involve myself in any activities to implement the announcement of Honorable Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to make the country tobacco-free by 2040. In this case, everyone has to work together to make the country completely tobacco-free. He also said that he will take the necessary steps in this regard.
Manoranjan Sheel Gopal said this during a courtesy meeting with a delegation of Dhaka Ahsania Mission’s tobacco control project at his residence located in NAM Bhaban in the capital on Wednesday afternoon (July 12).
He said that to create a drug-free nation, first of all, the use of tobacco in the country should be reduced to zero. For this, it is necessary to ban the retail sale of cigarettes by law, and ban the display of tobacco products in point od sales including other initiatives. He also thinks that it is necessary to stop the import and marketing of e-cigarettes to protect the young generation from consuming tobacco.
Manoranjan Sheel Gopal said, if the draft law proposed to further amend the Smoking and Tobacco Products Usage (Control) Act 2005 is not passed quickly and implemented, the next generation will become more addicted, which will bring serious danger to the country and the nation.
Md Shariful Islam, Coordinator of Tobacco Control Project and Media Manager Al Tanveer Newaz were in the delegation led by Mokhesur Rahman, Deputy Director of Health Sector of Dhaka Ahsania Mission. The delegation briefed Manoranjan Sheel Gopal, MP about the various activities of the Dhaka Ahsania Mission on Tobacco Control. He was briefed on the revised draft of the Tobacco Control Act prepared by the Ministry of Health. The revised draft law is noted for its positive role in its passage. He extended his support to the Act and expressed his full cooperation in its passage.

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