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UCB holds Monash College Diploma (MCD) Orientation program for enrolled students

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Monash College Diploma (MCD) Orientation, a program organized by Universal College Bangladesh, the exclusive partner of Monash College, Australia in Bangladesh, has recently been held on 17 February through online platform.
It was a historic moment for the students and their parents as they are getting the opportunity to access world-class education right from the comfort of their native country. Students who enrolled for Monash College Diploma (MCD) participated at the event. Dr. Sandeep Ananthanarayanan, Chief Executive Officer, Universal College Bangladesh; Prof. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed, Dean of Academic Affairs, UCB; Amid Hossain Chowdhury, Head of Marketing; Jamal Uddin Jamy, Head of Enrolment; Shafik Waes, Manager, Academic Administration and other faculty members were present at the orientation program. The guests delivered speeches welcoming the new students and explaining guidelines related to MCD program and other tiny details related to academic integrity & misconduct and essential academic tools.
It is mentionable that Universal College Bangladesh (UCB) is the only Ministry of Education-approved international education provider in Bangladesh. They are now offering Monash College Diploma (MCD) program, which is equivalent to Monash University’s first year. Upon fulfilling the entry requirements of Monash University, students who will be completing MCD from Universal College Bangladesh (UCB) will be eligible to continue his/her study in the 2nd year of Monash University with the facility of all the credits transferred. Aspiring students can also transfer their credit to other universities of their choice (depending on the rules of the respective university).
Apart from MCD, Universal College Bangladesh is also offering Foundation Year. The classes for Monash University Foundation Year commenced on 7 September – the first time in the history of Bangladesh that an international education provider started its official batch. Students studying MUFY have expressed satisfaction over the quality of education.
Students enrolled in Monash programs at Universal College Bangladesh have the opportunity to continue their education at other leading universities around the world if they wish, as the Monash program is recognized globally by leading institutions in countries such as the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and many other top education destinations. It’s because Monash is one of the world’s leading institutions, and the course curriculum is developed in such a way that it is highly valued around the world. Monash University provides its students with a global passport to help them succeed in life.
Saba Musarrat, a student who enrolled for MUFY program, shared, “Universal College Bangladesh has provided me with an excellent opportunity to be a part of a world-renowned university like Monash. Currently I am studying Monash University 1st Year equivalent degree at Universal College Bangladesh. You can study Monash University Foundation Year and Monash University 1st Year Equivalent Degree in Business, Engineering and IT here at Universal College Bangladesh. I am excited to start my Monash journey here in Dhaka, so can you!”
“I welcome all the students to our Monash College Diploma program. Under the guidance of highly-qualified teachers, all of you will be taught and this gives you an excellent opportunity to jumpstart your journey to a degree at Monash University Australia or Malaysia”, said Prof. Sarwar Uddin Ahmed, Dean of Academic Affairs, UCB.

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