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On-demand free classes on tutoring platform Porai

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Free online classes have been organized by the on-demand tutoring platform “Porai” ( Not so much for the one day, but every day. To commemorate Bangladesh’s golden jubilee of independence, there will be one-month free online tutoring performed from March 1, 2022 and onwards.

All students will have access to this educational and learning platform. Beginning March 1, 2022, special sessions for grades 8-12 will be held from 6 to 10 p.m. Physics, Chemistry, Biology, General and Higher Mathematics, English, and Accounting are the subjects that will be covered in the classes initially. Registration is currently open for classes in student-required subjects that are completely free.

Md. Jonaidul Islam, Operations Manager of Porai, says that Porai is basically an on-demand tutoring platform, where any problem related to textbooks of school-college students can be solved immediately. A student will be able to come to the learning platform and have a one-on-one discussion about his or her problem with an experienced teacher.

He added that Porai is going to open up a whole new, broader dimension to all students challenging the system of traditional tuition. Consider the case of a student who has a math difficulty the night before an exam. What will he do now that he hasn’t found a teacher? Who will teach him in a half-hour class? There have been attempts to fix this problem using a concept similar to Uber or Foodpanda. Porai will cater to the requirements of students. If students post the problem, experienced teachers who will be free or able to teach that particular chapter at that moment will participate in the bidding. The student has the option of selecting his own teacher. They can even participate in the first three minutes of the experimental class completely free of cost. If students don’t like it, they have the option of changing teachers as well.

Porai is trying to make education easier for students to get education from home after the coronavirus infection has started. The student who is studying in 8th grade in 2022, does he know the basics of geometry and algebra that he was supposed to know in 6th or 7th grade? According to the statistics, due to the prolonged closure of educational institutions in this epidemic, about three-fourths of the students in schools and colleges are lagging behind in achieving the marginal qualifications of the respective classes. They are doing the current class with the learning deficit. The journey of the Porai platform is being started with the aim of solving this problem of the students.

The content of education on is not limited to school-college curriculum only. There will also be various programs in programming and English such as TOEFL, IELTS, GRE. There are also other services available such as human health, yoga, cooking training, filling out visa forms. In all, more than three hundred contents are being added to the site.

Currently, registration is open to receive a free solution to a problem in the student’s needed topic. Anyone can learn online anytime through this platform. To register, visit and Facebook page

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