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Two songs by Munia Moon

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Munia Moon
Munia Moon

Recently, two songs of vocalist Munia Moon have been released. Hasan Matiur Rahman has written and tune the song ‘Bandhu Tumi Aiba Re Bole’ while HR Liton composed the song. The song was published by the production company Chenasur. On the other hand, Ahmed Rizvi has written the song ‘Bhalobese Aaj Keno Kande Mon’ released by the production company Soundek. Sumon Kalyan has tune and composition the song.

Munia Moon said in the context of the two songs, both songs have been quite good. I am hopeful the two listeners will receive the song well.

Moon added that she is currently working on his own YouTube. Making several solo songs. Which she will publish on her own YouTube channel. Munia Moon will also be a regular on-stage show as well as a recording if Corona’s situation is normal.

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