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Today is the birthday of mime actor Nithor Mahbub

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Nithor Mahbub is a Bangladeshi mime artist and also journalist. During Duronto TV’s popular show Duronto, he became widely known as a mukaku.

Leaving her face behind a dark white make-up, she has taken place in the hearts of people with her aesthetic performance. Now, Nithor Mahbub is charming the viewers by acting in TV dramas from time to time. However, due to the situation, Corona has been forced to stop all her mime activities since the beginning of last year.

He said that he is now engrossed in writing while sitting at home. He is regularly sharing his writing on Facebook. If any of them are more acclaimed, various online magazines are also publishing them subject to permission. Besides, he is regularly publishing his writings on a Facebook page called ‘Bhabanar Alpana’, with which he intends to publish books at the upcoming Ekushey Book Fair.

Today 18th August is the birthday of Nithor Mahbub. In the previous birthdays of the Corona situation, he would put on an exhibition of his mime on stage. Due to the situation, it is not possible to hold that event again.

Nithor Mahbub said, ‘Birthdays will be cut in a simple way. But now the lifestyle has changed a lot, even if I don’t want to, birthday arrangements have to be made by others. I want to live as an honest and good person, I want to spend the rest of my life in the field of art, I want to be soaked in the love of people. ‘

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