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Samsung Kids new update with One UI 4 helps children develop healthy and sustainable digital habits

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Samsung smartphones are the gateways to a world of limitless experiences. However, because there are no limits, parents should be careful about protecting their kids from harmful content. To offer fun and family-friendly content to kids, Samsung has introduced a kids mode feature titled Samsung Kids while keeping important data safe on the device. Recently, Samsung Kids was coupled with new features and customization options with the One UI 4.0 update in an effort to keep the kids safe from unwanted elements.

Samsung Kids is mainly intended to be used by kids between the ages of three and eight. With the One UI 4.0 update, users will get enhanced features and customization possibilities. Now, there are options to change the backgrounds color and the apps displayed on the screen so that more age groups can utilize the service. To better cater to their childs needs, parents can delete default apps and populate the home screen with the content from the Recommended Content page and apps that they have downloaded and allowed.

In a digital world where information can be limitless, kids access needs to be controlled. With Samsung Kids, parents can rely on the particular mode as the children can be protected from inappropriate content. Users will also have the option to change the background color to suit their preferences. Besides, by early next year, kids who use the home launcher will be able to decorate their home screen with their drawings.

Every parent wants to know which apps their kids use and what kinds of apps they prefer. Samsung Kids updated parental control feature not only provides detailed insights on kids mobile activities for the day but the last month as well. Apps are listed based on the frequency of use, making it easier to monitor screen time for each one.

Moreover, cards to help users monitor their activity and screen time have also been added. This was done under the assumption that kids, like their parents, would also be curious about their smartphone activity. Kids can now monitor their activities and screen time together with their parents or set up their own smartphone usage plan to further develop their autonomy.

Samsung Kids was originally introduced in 2014 as Kids Mode. Created to enable kids to use smartphones more safely, Kids Mode featured settings that made it easy for parents to ensure their kids only had access to apps provided by the platform and themselves. When Kids Mode eventually became Samsung Kids, it became even more convenient and offered a greater variety of content. Now, Users can activate Samsung Kids with just a single tap in the Quick Panel with no download required.

With limited opportunities to enjoy the outdoors these days, kids have been using mobile devices more frequently. In light of this trend, it has become even more important for children to develop good mobile habits and utilize fun and educational content. In the future, Samsung plans to make Samsung Kids even more enjoyable and a safer digital world that considers both parents and kids.

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