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Rajib Mani Das received the Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Haque Gold Medal

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Rajib Moni Das is a talented young writer, playwright, lyricist, and producer. He has earned recognition through his numerous theatrical works. Additionally, he is well-regarded as a drama producer. Rajib Moni Das was honored with the ‘Sher-e-Bangla AK Fazlul Haq Gold Medal 2021’ by the Human Rights Cultural Society for his distinguished contributions to theater. The award ceremony took place on November 12 at the Child Welfare Council, attended by the former BTRC chairman, Syed Maghur Morshed, and Magistrate Rokon-ud-Doula.

Rajib began his journey in theater arts in 2004, joining the Bhaskar Theater Group. He started writing plays under the mentorship of the renowned actor ATM Shamsuzzaman. His debut play, ‘Rahmat Master,’ featured ATM Shamsuzzaman as well. Rajib’s early writing career was significantly shaped by his involvement with the Bhaskar Theater Group and guidance from ATM Shamsuzzaman. He later honed his skills under the tutelage of the late film director Noor Hosen Balai.

In 2009, the drama ‘ABC’ was first aired on RTV during Eid-ul-Adha. Among his written plays

and telefilms are ‘Rahmat Master’, ‘Advocate Belayet Hossain’, ‘Sakhi Valobasha Kare Koy’, ‘Swapno Ghuri’, ‘Producer’, ‘Bondhu Tumi Amar’, ‘420 Mohalla’, ‘Porinati’, ‘Mayer Ashirbad’, ‘Abarotne Valobasha’, ‘Sayeed Bari’, ‘Petuk Jamai’, ‘Kalo Jamai’, ‘Gonika Ekhn Ami’, ‘Opratashito Tiktiki’, ‘Dekha Hobe Ki’, ‘Ekattorer Keet’, ‘Chol Palai’, ‘Sadharan Diary’, ‘Onyorokom Will’, ‘Local Service’, ‘Bot Briksho’, ‘Abhigyota’, ‘Sonali Swapno’, ‘Aponjon’, ‘Premer

Jonno Pagol’, ‘Italian Jamai’, ‘Bisarjan’, ‘Bashi’.

Rajib Moni Das has also received several awards including the Begum Rokeya Smriti Medal 2020, Palli Kobi Jasim Uddin Smriti Medal 2018, Chief Justice Sayed Mahbub Morshed Gold Medal 2015, Sayed Mahbub Morshed Smriti Medal 2014, Mother Teresa Memorial Honor 2013, and Hossain Shahid Suhrawardy Honor 2013.

Rajib Moni Das said, “It always feels good to be rewarded as recognition for one’s work. It increases commitment towards the work. I hope everyone will pray and bless me so that I can continue to deliver better novels and dramas to the readers and audience in the future.”

Rajib Moni Das has written four novels so far, which include ‘Baba’, ‘Mr. Brain’, ‘Tahar Jonno r Kono Chinta Nai’, and ‘Ek Posla Bristy’. He has also written over 30 songs and about 90 single dramas. Additionally, he has written four serial dramas. As a hobby, Rajib Moni Das also produces advertisements. So far, he has made more than 15 advertisements, including four recent ones for ‘Jarafa.com’, which are currently being edited.

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