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Why we should Travel in Singapore?

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Mohaimanul Islam Neon

Singapore, a country small in size but massive in magnitude today, attracts tourists worldwide. If you have not yet visited the South Asian Tiger nation, it is high time you do!

A perfect blend of Eastern tradition with western modernity awaits to greet your soul with its rich and diverse ethnicity.

To begin your holiday with the very best of luck, you may want to visit the Pagoda street market from where you can buy yourself and your loved ones numerous good luck charms.

The diversity of the land can be well noticed while visiting Little India in Singapore, where colorful Idols of Hinduism lighten up the place. Meanwhile, the Muslim Quarter of Kampong Glam takes you to a serene little world of Arabian Handicrafts.

If you are a person who loves to travel, you likely have a great love for different types of food. Before visiting Singapore’s most exotic restaurants, you might want to warm up your tongue with the city’s street food like the Laksa, Chilly Crab, Hainanese Chicken Rice, and many more.

Tired from pushing along the crowds of locals and tourists, you might just want to enjoy the silence in the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple before heading for the ambient restaurants and bouquets of Boat and Clark Quays along the Singapore River.

Though the city has a high urban density with modern architecture, Singapore boasts highly fertile soil, making it the home to many flora and fauna. Greet the beauty of nature in the Singapore Botanical Gardens and the National Orchid Gardens, which have a wide range of colorful flowers and trees.

For the ones who are seeking a little wilder experience, there is the Bukit Timah Natural Reserve. Here lies Singapore’s highest hill, the Bukit Timah, which is open for hikers. If you have weary legs, you have nothing to worry about! There are bike routes that can take you up the hill and far away with utmost comfort.

In Singapore, there are animals and plants everywhere. You can visit the Singapore Zoo to see over 300 species and come up close with birds of sparkling hues at Jurong Bird Park.

Amongst all the traveling, do not forget to shop from the Bugis market or shops along the beautiful Orchid Road.

A cable car takes you to the Santosa Island playground, famous for its theme parks, beaches, and bars. Have all the fun and drink all you can!

Close by is the Fort Siloso bearing the memories of the second world war that will give history lovers a chill at first sight.

When all the traveling begins to take a toll on you, visit the relaxing beaches of East coast park. There are cycling tracks over there if you would like to take a ride along the seacoast.

Once you feel energized, it’s time for you to take a break from the city buzz and head to the wild mangroves of Pulau Ubin Island with a bumboat. These wetlands can give you an entire peaceful rural vibe, much-needed healing for a working urban soul!

Next, you go to the Raffles Hotel, a place known to have been frequented by the British literary elites. Have a drink and pick up a pen to see if there is a poet in you!

Once you are done with the rural meditations from nature, it is time to head back to the city and be mesmerized by the shiny grand architecture of Mariana Bay. It looks like a scene from a movie with all its light at night.

Fall in love with modernity and nature during your visit to the Gardens by the Bay.

Singapore waits to welcome you. Book your flight now with Online Travel Direct and have the holiday of your dreams!

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