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Praava Health resumes serving Patients

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On August 24 Praava Health has resumed all services immediately to serve its Patient base after being temporarily suspended by DGHS on August 2, 2021.

Praava has at all times since our founding in 2017 been in compliance with the guidelines and policy directives issued by DGHS and international standards of clinical quality.
During the course of an investigation and inspection in July, DGHS made minor oral recommendations to Praava, none of which were related to Praava’s clinical quality or the medical care we provide. The recommendations included: Praava not having separate areas for donning and doffing, charging BDT150 registration fee for traveler’s COVID testing, signing of COVID tests not being done by MBBS doctor, and listing WHO as a partner on the company’s website. All of these recommendations were immediately addressed well in advance of the August 2nd suspension notice. These steps included improving the separation of donning and doffing areas, halting charging BDT150 registration fee for travelers COVID testing, onboarding an additional Virologist (MBBS doctor) to sign off on COVID reports, and rewording “partners” to “corporate clients” on Praava’s website.

“We are so pleased that the situation is resolved so that we can resume serving our valued Patients during the greatest public health crisis of our lifetimes. We regret we were unable to provide care to the thousands of patients in Dhaka and across the country who have sought out our services over the last three weeks,” said Sylvana Q. Sinha, Founder, Chair, & CEO of Praava Health.

Dr. Simeen M. Akhtar, Praava’s Chief Medical Officer added, “We want to share with our Patient community that Praava was founded on the belief that all Bangladeshis deserve world-class quality healthcare services, grounded in dignity and care and empathy. Driven by this belief and aspiration, Praava Health has served hundreds of thousands of Patients in Bangladesh since our inception in 2017, and processed more than 1,50,000 COVID tests.”

Speaking on the quality of Praava’s laboratory and testing, Dr. Zaheed Husain, Praava’s Senior Laboratory Director noted, “Our laboratory equipment is state-of-the-art and equivalent to what you would find in some of the best labs in the world, and we only use reagents recommended and approved for COVID-19 testing by the government of Bangladesh and the European Union.”

Praava Health emphasizes the fact that in Bangladesh and across the globe there is immense loss and suffering during this pandemic and promises to continue to be as honest and transparent as possible in providing services to its Patient community.

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