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Launch of Daffodil Smart Software Solutions held

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Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Chief Executive Officer of Daffodil Family, Alauddin Al Azad, Chief Technical Officer, Jafar Ahmed Patowary, General Manager, M. Reaz Uddin Ahmed, Head of Marketing (Software) of Daffodil Computers Ltd. K M Hasan Ripon, Executive Director of Bangladesh Skill Development Institution (BSDI) at the launching ceremony of ‘Daffodil Software Solutions’.

Daffodil Computers Limited, country’s leading first public listed IT company providing latest IT products, solutions and services has launched ‘Daffodil Smart Solutions’ software for public-private and private organizations to develop the IT sector. The software solutions include education, health and corporate-based solutions which will use Artificial Intelligence (AI).
The software solution for the educational institutions has been named ‘Smart Edu’, the software solution for the corporate industry has been named ‘Smart Business 24’ and Management Solutions for Hospitals, Clinics and Diagnostic Centers has been named ‘Smart Hospital’
‘Smart Edu’ – with AI Agent Burners. Some of the notable modules of Smart Edu are AI based Student Drop IU Report, e-Learning, Course, Class, Registration, Tuition Fee, Weaver, Exam, Library, Teacher / Student / Admin Profile, Accounts, Employee etc. Management Solutions. All types of educational institutions including universities, schools, colleges will be able to digitize their institutions keeping pace with the times by using this software solution.
With the help of AI Agent Steve, there is ‘Smart Business 24’ software for the corporate industry, of which some of the notable modules are: AI based Business Forecast, Buy-Sell, Inventory, Accounts, Manufacturing, POS, Employee Management Solutions etc. This software is designed to be used by all types of small, medium and large business organizations.
‘Smart Hospital’ – for management solutions for Hospitals, Clinics, Diagnostic Centers, IPD, OPD, Patients, Doctors, Nursing, Treatment, Billing, Hospital Finance, Blood Bank, Ambulance, Operation Theater, Fleet, Pharmacy, Employee, etc. whose AI agent is Teresa. AI based health reports can be obtained through this solution.
Each solution has a special module called Management SmartBoard through which the management can easily see the running status of each department of the company and give solutions. Employees can easily enter their projects and works in a beautiful way.
‘Daffodil Software Solutions’ was officially launched by Mohammad Nuruzzaman, Chief Executive Officer of Daffodil Family on Monday, August 23, 2021, through the virtual gate. Alauddin Al Azad, Chief Technical Officer, Jafar Ahmed Patowary, General Manager, M, Reaz Uddin Ahmed, Head of Marketing of Daffodil Computers Ltd. were present as the special guests. KM Hasan Ripon, Executive Director of Bangladesh Skill Development Institution (BSDI) presented the keynote address and moderated the program. The launching ceremony was a live broadcast from Daffodil Computers Limited’s Facebook page and Campus TV.
While launching the Daffodil Software Solution Mohammad Nuruzzaman said that last 16/17 months of this epidemic, a frightening situation has been created in the world, but the triumph of technology has not stopped. Already almost every part of life has been transformed through digital. In keeping with its continuity, Daffodil Computers Ltd.’s skilled IT professional team has developed these three software solutions so that education, healthcare and corporate organizations can be easily digitized. He himself, as the CEO of Daffodil Family, presented a demo using ‘Smart Business 24’ how around 42 companies of Daffodil Family can easily be managed with this software.
Mr. Alauddin Al Azad, CTO of Daffodil Computers said, “Our software solutions are made using all the latest technology and AI features. Users can easily work on these using any smart device from any part of the world. There are separate video tutorials for each software for the convenience of the users.
Mr. Riaz Uddin Ahmed, Head of Marketing (Software), highlighted key features of the Daffodil Smart Solutions and pointed out that these solutions can be availed by a client from anywhere in the world, both on a SaaS (Software as a service) and licensed basis. SaaS-based services do not require any hardware, servers, or other heavy tangible infrastructure. He further said that using this solution will make the work process much easier and will increase the revenue of the company. He added that all the software comes with some integrated free modules such as ready-made website building tools, e-mail marketing tools and templates, SMS marketing system, CRM and many more.
Jafar Ahmed Patowary expressed his hope to play an important role in digitalization in the overall education, healthcare and corporate sectors of the country.
To get the software, you have to visit the following websites:
1. Education:
2. Health:
3. Corporate:

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