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‘Nijhum Raate’ is coming on Valentine’s Day

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Journalist and vocalist Sunny Azad is bringing new songs again. The title of the song is ‘Nijhum Raate’. The song is written by lyricist and playwright Rezaur Rahman Rizvi. This is the third time Sunny and Rizvi have worked together on this. The melody and music of the song are directed by composer and music director Ahmed Sajeeb. The song is being released on ‘Sunny Azad BD’ YouTube channel on the occasion of Valentine’s Day on 14 February. A video of the song has recently been made. Sunny will be seen with his wife Aria for the first time in the music video.

In this context, Sunny Azad said, I have done two songs with Rizvi Bhai before. In his words, the song ‘Adhar’ got a huge response. Rizvi Bhai also wrote the song “Nijhum Raate” very nicely. Hope everybody enjoys it. However, this time the music video is a little different. Although I worked on many videos together, my wife Aria was not interested in music videos. And the enthusiasm of the lyricist Rizvi Bhai behind taking him was also huge I am coming on 14th February, the day of love with an exceptional music video. Video directed by Sohel Monir.

Rezaur Rahman Rizvi said that Sunny Bhai sang the song “Nijhum Raate” very well. The melody of the song is also quite captivating. I hope everyone will like the song.

Note that ‘Nijhum Raate’ is Sunny Azad’s 41st original song. The song will be released on ‘Sunny Azad BD’ YouTube channel on February 14 at 5 pm.

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