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Visa Eases Access to Medical Care in India for Patients from Bangladesh

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Visa (NYSE: V), the global leader in digital payments, announced today that it has partnered with Vaidam, a hospital care discovery platform, to make payments easier for medical travelers from South Asian countries seeking healthcare in India.
Soumya Basu, Country Manager, Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan, Visa said, “Seeking medical facilities in a foreign country and navigating the process can be complex and intimidating. We are pleased to partner with Vaidam to enable citizens of Bangladesh seeking medical treatment in India with more comfort, wider access and the benefit and convenience of using their Visa cards to pay.
India receives a sizable number of its medical visitors from Bangladesh and we are grateful to be able to cater to these care-seekers with discounts on their medical treatments at some of the best hospitals in India.”
The Vaidam platform enables patients seeking healthcare from numerous countries including Bangladesh and Nepal to look for specialist services for critical illnesses and medical care close to 100 hospitals across India, for a variety of treatments and procedures. Vaidam also assists patients with required visa invitations and logistics, once they arrive in India. This partnership with Vaidam provides Visa cardholders a discount of up to 10% on various in-patient services, including procedures and surgeries, on using Vaidam to book healthcare services in India.
Pankaj Chandna, Co-founder, Vaidam Health ( said, “Patients seeking healthcare have been travelling from Bangladesh to India for several years, reposing immense faith in the professionalism and quality medical care provided by Indian doctors and hospitals. Having served thousands of patients so far from Bangladesh in almost 6 years, Vaidam is now proud to partner with Visa, one of the most trusted brands throughout the world, and serve all Visa cardholders in the Vaidam hospital network to help them get back to healthy life faster.”
A patient or caregiver can visit the Vaidam website and search for the hospital, doctor and care needed and opt to pay through their Visa cards. The payment can be made at the hospital in India once the patient arrives and avails of the treatment, paying for the bills with their Visa card issued in Bangladesh. To ease the complexity of availing of medical services in another country, a case officer will also be assigned to the patient or caregiver to assist them through the booking and treatment process. This partnership between Visa and Vaidam aims to ease the payment process for the thousands of patients travelling and seeking medical care in India. This offer is valid till 19th December 2022.

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