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Mizan sang in Lalon’s lyric

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Dewan Lalon Ahmed Bappi, a high-ranking officer of Bangladesh Police. A soul dedicated to the country in responsibility, action and devotion. Even with such an important responsibility, he kept the Bengali culture in his heart by spending time in his spare time. Whose image is reflected in the songs and multiple texts written by him. This lyricist writes songs regularly on multiple topics. He has received multiple awards for writing songs.

Following this, the new song ‘Joto Dure Jao’ (As Far As You Go) is coming in the lyric poet’s poetry series. Rockstar famous Mizan Rahman has given voice in the song. Rajib Hossain in melody and music arrangement. The video of the song was made by Chandan Roy Chowdhury. The song is being released by Dhrubo Music Station (DMS).

Regarding the song, Dewan Lalon Ahmed Bappi said, The song ‘Joto Dure Jao’ is an expression of the heartache of the unbearable separation of the beloved.” It is the song of the cries of a lover’s heart drowning in the quicksand of pain. I hope the audience will like the song.

Mizan Rahman said, There is something in Lalon’s poetry that goes around the corner of the heart. I always like to sing his songs. I tried to sing the song titled ‘Go as far as you can’ very openly. The rest is up to the audience to consider after the release.

It is to be mentioned that Dewan Lalon Ahmed Bappi has already created his own audience by writing several songs including ‘Sheikh Saheb’, ‘Ma’, Password, Birangana. He won the Channel I Music Award for Best Songwriter of 2020 for the song “Password”. Dewan Lalon Ahmed Bappi has published seven books so far.

According to Dhrubo Music Station (DMS), a video of the song “Joto Dure Jao” will be released on their YouTube channel on August 11. Besides, the song can be heard in multiple local and foreign apps.

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