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Imtiaz Mehedi Hasan’s new song ‘Baba’

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Imtiaz Mehdi Hasan’s words and tunes are coming soon with a heart-touching song titled ‘Baba’. Singer SM Sohail has given voice to the song. The song will be released on the YouTube channel of G-Series, a traditional music production company of the country, at a music event organized by SD Sagar.

Imtiaz Mehedi Hasan, a lyricist, said, “Baba is the name of an unconscious feeling for me.” From teaching to walk hand in hand to make the child a human being, where is his contribution? But in most cases, in the hot sun, this man, who is a piece of the child, stays behind. This time my dedication is to the father who gave up his presentation with a smile for the future of his child. Hope you like the song.

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