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Grameenphone turns 25 and reaffirms to enable accelerated digitalization

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Grameenphone has completed 25 meaningful years, playing an imperative role in the development of Bangladesh through its contributions as the digital connectivity partner. While Bangladesh is celebrating 51 years of Independence, Grameenphone is also celebrating its journey of 25 years of empowering society. This dream started with a vision to minimize the digital divide and unleash the nation’s potential with the power of digitalization. Standing at its silver Jubilee, Grameenphone feels honored for its contributions to Bangladesh and aims to continue to make a difference in the coming years, as the company believes the time is now to march forward with digital connectivity.
The company aims to become a digital telco and contribute beyond connectivity marking the silver jubilee of its operation in Bangladesh and the first Asian operation of Telenor at a media meet on March 27, 2022, at Intercontinental Dhaka. Grameenphone, CEO, Yasir Azman; CMO, Sajjad Hasib; CTO, Rade Kovacevic; CCAO (acting), Hossain Sadat; Nafees Anwar Choudhury, Head of Marketing, AKM Al Amin, Head of Network Service, and respected media personnel graced the event. Grameenphone’s Head of Communications, Khairul Basher, moderated the event.
Yasir Azman reiterated the company’s commitment to a rural first approach since 1997 to becoming the most loved telecom brand in the country. He also mentioned first customer Village Phone lady Laily Begum who stood exemplary to millions in overcoming the odds with a payphone service, and the story of Shubir Nokrek of Madhupur forest, which not only changed his life with connectivity but also created opportunities for the indigenous Garo community people which is exemplary of the possibilities 4G connectivity can unleash.
“A nation that rose from the ashes – Bangladesh has made significant strides to become a land of possibilities today. We are truly humbled as a change agent to Bangladesh over the last 25 years. Our role has become imperative in the digitalization of 51 years strong Bangladesh in the pursuit of becoming a self-sustained, digital economy. On this momentous occasion I want to thank all our predecessors, colleagues for their unwavering commitments, efforts, the government, all our partners, retailers, distributors, stakeholders, shareholders and most importantly – our customers and the entire nation – for having faith in Grameenphone through and through. Time is now to pave our path for the next phase of the journey- full of uncertainties, yet exciting, but we are committed to our purpose and urge your support to co-create a modernized and advanced Bangladesh ” said Yasir Azman, CEO, Grameenphone.
At the event, Sajjad Hasib, CMO of Grameenphone, penned a way forward for the organization. “Being the most loved telecom brand of the country, we have a sacred responsibility to offer best in class experience for our valuable customers. Our mission for empowering society and democratizing the benefits of technology will be more granular and focused on understanding customers’ needs in transforming lives.We look forward to even greater collaboration with our regulator and ecosystem player to better serve our customers together. Time is now to advance with digital connectivity.”
Mustafa Jabbar, Posts and Telecommunications Division Minister and Shyam Sunder Sikder, Chairman, BTRC, wished and congratulated Grameenphone through video messages.

CEO Yasir Azman also pointed to the social commitment and transformation of Grameenphone, saying, “The objective to ensure wider coverage and improved accessibility comes from our vow to uplift the societies with better mobile connectivity. There is much potential in our country, especially among our resilient youth, and Grameenphone feels that the time is now to unleash this potential and co-create a modern nation and enable the mass to reap the benefits of connectivity, unitedly marching towards our vision of becoming a self-sustained and digital economy.”
Bangladesh now stands on its 51st year of independence, and as the Connectivity Partner to digital Bangladesh, Grameenphone has played some significant roles for the nation and its citizens’ digital inclusion. Centering this contribution, two audio-visuals (AV) were projected to the guests at the conference, where Grameenphone’s missions, visions, and ambitions were portrayed lyrically.
Other speakers and guests present at the conference appreciated Grameenphone’s efforts to showcase innovation through simplified solutions in corporate and social spheres. A unique logo to celebrate the 25th anniversary was also unveiled at the conference.

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