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What is that gift in Orange-shaded gift box in Shakib’s hand?

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On a recent video posted on Facebook by Shakib Al Hasan, we can see him in the midst of orange lights, and a gift box with a beautiful orange shaded gift box. Apparently, the orange piece of tech was a surprise gift for his birthday, and he looks quite excited about it! The question is, what gift is it? Is it a new fantastic smartphone of OPPO?
Shakib Al Hasan, the talisman of Bangladesh cricket, is now touring South Africa to help the Tigers to overcome a strong South African side. This all-important tour was preceded by a brief tour of Dubai.
During the time, Shakib was dropping hints regarding something special through multiple Facebook posts. We speculate that it may be about this orange piece of art! “Fantastic tour started with OPPO”, he posted right before leaving for the trip, with a picture of himself mentioning “Fantastic”. After reaching, he shared the view from the balcony of the house by the beach he was staying in, with the caption, “What a fantastic sunny day with a nice view”. While training on a beautiful green field he shared another photo of himself catching a ball captioned, “The place is so fantastic that I spent some great moments”.
These posts surely indicate something special coming up! Does the Orange-colored shaded birthday gift box mean something? Is the former Bangladeshi skipper really trying to convey a message? We will probably get to know soon!

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