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Grameenphone stands by the flood-affected regions of Sylhet with the immediate response of free talk-time

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With the devastating flood in the country’s northern and north-eastern region still threatening millions of lives and livelihoods, Grameenphone customers, stuck in the affected areas of Sylhet can now avail of 10 minutes of free talk-time. Grameenphone subscribers can avail this dedicated talk-time to contact their family and friends and call for necessary aid or urgent support without having to worry about mobile balance.
Grameenphone has already disbursed 10 minutes of free talk-time with 3 days validity to all its’ customers in the flood-affected areas in Sylhet. During these challenging times, the need for immediate connectivity is paramount but customers face difficulty recharging due to the flood and incessant downpour. Keeping customers’ convenience and needs at its core, Grameenphone has given free minutes to enable them to stay connected to their loved ones and reach out for emergency services during these hardships.
“It is our moral responsibility to assist those who are stranded and stand by the nation during these times of dire need. As a connectivity partner, we, at Grameenphone, are relentlessly striving to keep our base station and switch locations out of harm due to continuous heavy rainfall, ensuring to live our purpose of connecting people to what matters most, especially during such trying times. We understand our customer’s urgent connectivity needs to reach out for any assistance. We are closely monitoring the situation on the field and will remain vigilant going forward to provide connectivity support,” said Mohammad Sajjad Hasib, Chief Marketing Officer of Grameenphone.
The flood condition has now been persisting for the past 4 – 5 days, with at least forty lakh people stranded and stuck helpless. Mobile network and internet connectivity services also had to be compromised in the region due to water logging and electricity failure. However, in collaboration with the Posts and Telecommunications Ministry, BTRC, Bangladesh Army and other stakeholders, Grameenphone is working continuously to overcome the crisis and restore mobile services in the flood-affected region in the earliest alongside exploring alternative feasible solutions to enable the nation to fight the calamity.
Earlier, Grameenphone, as a part of their disaster response efforts also came forward to show solidarity to those in distress through toll numbers. Customers can call 01769177266, 01769177267, or 01769177268.

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