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Grameenphone employees joined hands to support Dakche Abar Desh

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Over 33,300 families have been financially facilitated with efforts from Grameenphone as a first respondent to the cause “Dakche Abar Desh”, a Covid response initiative by BRAC. In addition, Grameenphone employees also stepped forward in solidarity with this cause and contributed individually from their monthly salary on top of GP’s contribution.

The initiative is a part of a series of Grameenphone’s “COVID-19 Response”, which plans to tackle the grave impact of the pandemic and help societies, primarily to aid the deeply impacted segment due to lockdown.

“Dakche Abar Desh” (translated as “Bangladesh Calls Again”) has been one such activity designed to stand beside the vulnerable families living in poverty and surviving on daily wages since the inception of the outbreak.

Tech-service leader and connectivity partner to Digital Bangladesh Grameenphone and leading development organization BRAC joined forces to respond to the nation in trying times like this, providing hopes and possibilities to the ones hit hardest by the social and economic outcomes of the catastrophe. The initiative pledged individuals from the privileged segment of the society to unite against the humanitarian crisis and contribute from their capacity for the country to prevail.

Following a press conference on July 16, Grameenphone announced to team up with BRAC, and so far, 33,333 families have received financial aid through mobile financial services. The disbursements have been completed utilizing the GP’s contribution to the cause. Grameenphone employees also came forward to respond to the nation’s call and joined the cause to stand beside the society in need.

Grameenphone and BRAC together responded to this crisis last year by providing financial support for over 100,000 families. Besides “Dakche Amar Desh,” Grameenphone has so far provided 50,000 medical-grade PPE to ensure the safety of frontline health professionals in collaboration with DGHS and partnered with government and private organizations like a2i, BTRC, UNICEF and World Health Organization (WHO) to organize initiatives like “Bangladesh Challenge,”, “Amar Ghore Amar School,” and to create mass awareness around COVID 19 health advisories.

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