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‘Choto Poribar Abosshok’ on the way to 3 million

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Atif Aslam Bablu and Zulfiqar Islam Shishir co-directed the drama ‘Choto Poribar Abosshok’ on the way to 3 million. The drama garnered much acclaim after it was published online in April last year. But as the drama did not get much publicity, according to the quality of the drama, the view is low. The story of the drama was touching and extraordinary. The construction of the drama stirred the minds of many. But the drama has not yet reached 5 million.

Atif Aslam Bablu, one of the two Directors of the drama, said, “I actually made this drama a year ago.” I have also received praise from various people for the drama. Coming up with some better surprises up front. For now, I am making dramas as well as making some interesting music videos. However, the process of making some good story dramas is going on. Expect blessings from everyone.

Popular actors of this generation, Tousif Mahbub and Safa Kabir, have acted in the Drama ‘Choto Poribar Abosshok’. The story of the drama is written by Zulfiqar Islam Shishir, another Director of the drama. Mehedi Rony was the Director Of Photography of the Drama. Edited and colored by Amitabh Majumder. The drama was published on the YouTube channel of ‘Ozon Entertainment’. The current view of the drama is over two and a half million.

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