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Habib, a solo music evening in the United States

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The solo music evening of Habib, the son of Mymensingh, Bangladesh, was held on July 29 at the Queen’s Palace Party Hall in Woodside, New York, USA. It was artist Habib’s first solo music evening. The artist captivated the audience with the melody of about three hours. The whole Queen’s Palace was filled with the dance of the audience to the beat of the song. At that time, his friends, relatives and neighbors were present in the audience. The songs he sang were Miles’s – Jala Jala Jala Ei Mon Jure, Ayub Bachchur’s – Haste Dekho Gaite Dekho, Tara Bhora Raate, Khurshid Alam’s- Chumki Choleche Eka Pothe, Runa Laila and Khurshid Alam’s – Jodi Bou Sajo Go etc. A group called Omega Point Friends and Family organized this evening’s music. After enjoying the event, a dinner party was organized with the invited guests. The dinner ended with Habib’s solo music evening. In this regard, musician expatriate Habib told Thestatement’s, “I am a man who is always crazy about music.” So my hobby for many days was doing a solo music evening of my own. With the help of all my expatriate brothers, I am able to end that musical evening in a beautiful way. I am expressing my love to everyone.

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