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​Anu Muhammad takes symbolic class demanding reopening of the university

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​Mehedi Mamun, JU correspondent

Eminent economist Anu Muhammad conducted the fourth symbolic protest class on Thursday noon at Jahangirnagar University demanding the reopening of the university by September 30.​​

Anu Muhammad, a professor of the JU economics department, conducted the class on ‘The role of education and health sector in the development of Bangladesh’ at the gallery room of the social science faculty of the university.

While addressing the students, professor Anu Muhammad said, ‘The fate of public institutions, like public hospitals, schools, and universities are going off their inception prospect. People started looking up quality services from private sectors for this reason.’

‘The public sectors management bodies across the country are providing more interest on construction and utilities tender instead of ensuring quality services, he added.

Meanwhile, more than 35 students from different departments of the university attended the class.

While talking to New Nation after the protest class, professor Anu Mohammad said, ‘There is no logic behind keeping the campus close raising the cause of vaccination as the government has already reopened school without inoculating all students.’

‘The student dormitories are rather safer for the students as many of them are staying in unhygienic conditions near the campus mess’, he added.

Earlier, Professor Rayhan Rhyne of philosophy, Professor Jamal Uddin of environmental sciences, Professor Manosh Chowdhury of anthropology held the first three symbolic protest classes held at the initiative of ‘University Teachers Network’.

On Wednesday, hundreds of JU students staged a demonstration and gave a memorandum to the vice-chancellor yesterday in order to press home a similar demand.

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