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Zafar Ahmed Patwari appoints as the General Manager of Daffodil Computers Limited

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Jafar Ahmed Patwary
Jafar Ahmed Patwary

Zafar Ahmed Patwari has taken over responsibility as the newly appointed General Manager of Daffodil Computers Limited (DCL). He joined the Daffodil family in 1999 as an apprentice. He has set a unique precedent by gradually developing his talents, skills and qualifications from an apprentice to the positions of Manager, Assistant General Manager, Deputy General Manager and finally General Manager.

As a responsible leader, he has expanded DCL’s business to various countries around the world, including the United States, Taiwan, the Middle East, China, Malaysia, Singapore, and Thailand. He has been successfully running Daffodil Computers for a long time as a visionary business leader.

As a general manager, he will be a success in the days to come and new leadership will emerge in his hands, the Daffodil family hopes.

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