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‘Working Transgender and Hijra child would be asset for parents’: Prime Minister

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Mr. Abu Hena Md. Rahmatul Muneem (Senior Secretary), Chairman of National Revenue of Board said in the award ceremony of ‘Inspiring Transgender and Hijra Volunteer Award 2021’ when he has given a speech as a chief guest on Wednesday morning at Sufia Kamal Auditorium in the national museum. He quoted the prime minister that, exempting tax for employers hiring transgender and Hijra workers is a process to empower the Transgender and Hijra community. In celebration of ‘International Youth Day 2021’, Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) decided to recognize transgender and Hijra youth for their volunteer work during in Covid-19 pandemic. Asiqul Islam Sajib (Sanjibani) a transwoman obtained the first position based on her volunteer work on burying and cremating dead bodies during the pandemic.

The Chairman of the National Revenue Board also added that the prime minister said working transgender and Hijra children will never abandon their parents rather a son or daughter did. He is directly supervising the recruitment of transgender and Hijra workers in different organizations. He also said that he is working with the ministry to raise awareness among the concerned in the educational institutions about Transgender and Hijra issues, including the name change in the national identity card.

The Deputy Inspector General (DIG) of Police, Mr. Habibur Rahman, BPM (BAR), PPM (BAR), was also present as ‘Guest of Honour’ at the event. He said you have to fight for your own rights as no one will hand over them to you. The transgender and hijra community has to stand up for themselves and go forward, the state is by their side whenever needed, added Habibur Rahman. Prominent model and dancer Sadia Islam Mou was also present at the award-giving ceremony. Famous dance artist and chairperson of Bandhu Social Welfare Society, Mr. Anisul Islam Hero has chaired the award ceremony.

Bandhu Social Welfare Society is a leading national organization that has been working for more than two decades, Bandhu Social Welfare Society (Bandhu) has been working towards improving the quality of life, providing healthcare services and human rights for the gender diverse population in Bangladesh. Last year, with the help of different donor organizations and individuals, Bandhu has provided relief, financial aid and emergency healthcare support for 13,628 transgenders and hijras. And with the networking of Bandhu additional 10,500 community members have received relief support from different GO and NGO organizations.

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