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Lafz: renowned halal lifestyle brand in town

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Lafz started its journey recently in Bangladesh with a huge range of skin care and color cosmetics. It received a huge response nationwide because not only are their products halal but cruelty – free as well. It strictly says no to harmful chemicals like parabens, alcohol, sulphate and many more. Therefore, people are highly assured of pure and quality skin care. It also commenced its operations worldwide in countries like Qatar, Dubai, India and many more. As a result, it has started enjoying international success as well. In the meantime, it launched its coffee face wash in the country which is being highly cherished by the people because of its unique properties. Let’s read more to find out how this facewash is helping people to solve their skin problems.

Lafz Caffeine foaming facewash – an ultimate feeling of freshness
This facewash has a unique blend of extracts of Arabica coffee and Aloe vera to restore freshness in our skin. It comes with an in- built brush at the top of the bottle which helps in exfoliating the dead cells even better. As it has silicon bristles, it doesn’t cause much friction on the skin to wear it out. This face wash is a complete package in keeping our skin healthy and firm. Let’s explore the benefits delivered by it even more:

Keeping signs of ageing at bay – Coffee extracts increases the production of collagen to tighten the skin and eliminate ageing problems like creases, wrinkles and fine lines. It gets rid of dullness and improves the texture of skin.
Eliminates inflammation of skin – Arabica coffee is rich in antioxidants which helps in repairing the damage of the skin and heals inflammation as well.

Keeping the skin hydrated – Aloe vera extracts keeps the skin moisturized thus making the skin plumpy and dewy.
Getting rid of black spots and blemishes- Fading away unwanted scars and marks became a lot easier due to extracts of aloe vera. Hence, this one -stop- solution is a ‘must have’ for every beauty conscious person out there.

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