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ULAB hosted a Seminar on Intelligent Virtual Agents for Education, Training and Health

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School of Science & Engineering of the University of Liberal Arts Bangladesh (ULAB) organized a Seminar titled “Intelligent Virtual Agents for Education, Training and Health” on 12 September 2022 at ULAB Campus. The seminar was facilitated by Professor Deborah Richards from the School of Computing and Senior Lecturer Dr. Nazmul Huda from the School of Engineering of Macquarie University, Australia. The guests were welcomed by the Treasurer, Deans of different Schools, registrars, and Heads of different Departments.
Prof. Deborah emphasized the importance of learning recent AI technologies since upcoming technologies are evolving around AI and Virtual agents. She also welcomed ULAB School of Science & Engineering graduates to explore Macquarie University research funds in the mentioned field of studies. The other speaker Dr. Nazmul Huda exhibited to the participants on the road to joining Macquarie University and answered the queries concerned. More than 60 participants attended the session including faculty and students.

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