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ULAB Adventure Club team: at the highest point of Northern Bangladesh

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ULAB Adventure Club has successfully organized the “Kalapahar & Humhum Waterfall, Sylhet” tour, with a team of 56 adventurous people. Our honorable Moinak Kanungo sir, Director of all Clubs ULAB & the advisor of ULAB Adventure Club, and the executives of ULAB Adventure Club have led the team.
On May 14th, 2022, the ULAB adventure club started trekking from Asgarabad Tea State to Kalapahar (8.4 km), with a big team of 52 people along with two guides. The team was divided into five groups. At 8.30 am, all teams started the journey to Kalapahar and reached at 12.30 pm in its peak. Kalapahar is the highest peak of Sylhet, Bangladesh. It was a thrilling and amazing trek. Everyone was tired but amazingly full of energy, they reached at the highest point of northern Bangladesh successfully. This was by far the most adventurous day of all since so far not many people traveled with such a huge group of fifty-two people with two guides. On the next day, May 15th, 2022, the team was divided into four groups. At 12.30 pm, all teams started trekking from Kolabonpara to HumHum Waterfall (71 km), along with four guides and reached there at 2.15 pm. It was a refreshing trek with an amazing nature view. Everyone has enjoyed it a lot. Finally, on that day, at 11.30 pm, the team started their journey back to Dhaka by bus and reached Dhaka at 5 am in the next morning.
ULAB is very proud of the team for successfully reaching Kalapahar, the highest point in Northern Bangladesh. Also, appreciates the team for returning safely to Dhaka.
One of our honorable faculty, Armeen Musa Ma’am stated, “My trip with the adventure club was very enjoyable and motivating for me. The enthusiasm and determination of the students on this athletic journey inspired me to try my own someday. I also enjoyed witnessing the students adapt to various circumstances and the seniors guide the juniors through obstacles. Overall it was very inspiring to see the new generation so organized and so dedicated to adventure and nature. I wish them all the best in all their future endeavors”.
ULAB Adventure Club is very thankful to the team, and especially to the honorable seniors & faculties who are still with the club and helped the team a lot to make this trip successful. Hopefully, everyone will continue to be with the club by supporting, helping, and encouraging each other.
“Be Adventurous. Travel, Discover, and Explore the world”. Besides work, course studies, and busy schedules, ULAB Adventure Club believes that an adventure journey can immediately bring peace to people’s minds, and that’s why everyone should take a break to calm their minds and enjoy the beauty of nature.

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