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UCB students pioneering journey commence with MUFY program

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The much-anticipated Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) Orientation program has taken place on January 19, 2022. The historic program marked the pioneering step of the official batch under Universal College Bangladesh (UCB), the only Ministry of Education-approved international education provider in Bangladesh.

The event was held successfully, with the presence of eminent academicians, distinguished UCB officials, and respected guests, along with the batch of aspiring students. Among the attendees were – Dr. Sandeep Ananthanarayanan, Group Chief Executive Officer, STS Group; Prof. Sarwar Ahmed, Ph.D., Dean of Academic Affairs, UCB; Alphonsa Pakiam, Head, South Asia and Africa, Monash University, Admission and Communication, Australia; Daniel Lum, Senior Executive, International Recruitment and Development and others.

Monash University Foundation Year (MUFY) has been designed to be the essential pre-university program that shall prepare students for their entry into the first year at Monash University. The comprehensive setup allows students to tailor their studies and adopt the perfect academic approach that suits their journey to attaining a prestigious university degree. After completing the Foundation Year, achieving the required marks and degree prerequisites, students can secure a guaranteed place in the first year of their chosen undergraduate course at Monash University.

Speakers at the event highlighted the various aspects of the students’ forthcoming journey with UCB and Monash. They discussed the crucial Monash programs, MUFY guidelines, academic integrity, and various tools required for studying at Monash and UCB – i.e., how to create a Monash account and UCB account, how to navigate courses on Moodle, etc. At the event, the Dean of Academic Affairs, UCB, Prof. Sarwar Ahmed, said, “It is extremely satisfying to see so many young faces with honest dreams to pursue higher education and careers abroad. I would like to congratulate you all – you have made the right decision by choosing UCB as your guide and companion in your journey. UCB, as the exclusive partner of Monash in Bangladesh, shall now lead you through the path of academic excellence.”

Dr. Sandeep Ananthanarayanan, Group CEO, UCB, who joined virtually said, “Today, our responsibilities have increased even more as we embark with our pioneering batch. I feel proud and confident that we have been able to come to this point as the sole Ministry of Education-approved international education provider in Bangladesh, and it gives me the courage to say that we are going to go a long way with our beloved students and faculty members.”

UCB has partnered with Monash College Australia to provide Bangladeshi students with an opportunity to jumpstart their journey to a degree at Monash University, a world top-100 ranked university (QS 2021 rankings) immediately after their O/AS/A levels/HSC Year-1 right here in Bangladesh by joining Monash College programs at UCB. Students receive the same global academic curriculum, a guaranteed entry to Monash University (provided entry requirements are met), and extremely cost-effective tuition fees. Monash University is a world top-100 ranked university (QS 2022 rankings). To know more details about their programs and workshops, visit –

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