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Inspired by innumerable milestones achieved in 2021, Likee steps into new year

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Popular short video creation and sharing app Likee has begun the new year with a significant number of milestones achieved in 2021 in terms of creator ecosystem, content categories, platform’s new features, user activity, and brand collaboration.

Likee has played a significant role in the optimization of the creators’ ecosystem in 2021. In the last year, Likee launched abundant creators’ recruitment and talent show programs around the world and attracted more than 10Knew creators to join the platform successfully.

Likee Bangladesh sent two top creators, Nusan and Marjia Mimi, to participate in the competition ‘2020 Bangladeshi Digital Award’ held in 2021, where both of them won the ‘Best Content Creator’ award. In the first half-year of 2021, Likee held the Likee Star Idol Series to find out the most talented content creators in Indonesia. The program succeeded in bringing the singing-talented creator Ihsan Tarore back to perform on “Indonesian Idol,” one of the most famous talents show in Indonesia. Also, Likee formed a girl band, DREAMGIRLS, helping them produce a Single song with an MV, which gained a viewership of more than 15 million. In Pakistan, the “Likee Team” contest was kicked off in 2021, wherein 68% of Likee verified outstanding creators contributed to creating 140K high-quality video content. To shed light on the efforts of these creators and to acknowledge their hard work, Likee granted them an opportunity to appear on the primetime television GNN, which signified the official debut of the winning “Team Saifu.”

Likee has turned into a platform for diversified content, and the users can now enjoy content in almost 20 categories, including comedy, sports, gaming, fashion, music, pet, and foodies. To that end, Likee keeps organizing interesting campaigns for the users. Collaborating with “10 Minute School”, a local well-known educational institute with a good reputation, Likee Bangladesh launched the “Knowledge Month” campaign in 2021. During the campaign, a total of 5,470 videos were uploaded by 1,904 users, with a staggering number of 35.8 million engagements recorded. In Pakistan, together with 134 top gaming creators, Likee built the Gaming Zone community, which now has generated a viewership of nearly 100 million. Meanwhile, Likee launched 30 hashtag challenges in the category of Fashion and Beauty in Indonesia in 2021. Around 150 thousand pieces of short videos were uploaded, and those have attracted hundreds of millions of views.

Likee also introduced innovative features from time to time in 2021 to empower the users and create more opportunities for them to express themselves. Some of those include Friends, a feature to allow users to create their very own, private online space; Super like, an innovative way of responding to content; and Superfollow, a subscription-based service for content creators to give them an opportunity to earn as well through monthly subscriptions.

In 2021, Likee dedicated its efforts and resources to construct an interest graph-based community for all like-minded users to gather together. Likee has developed the in-app activity ‘Kiki Game,’ which is specially designed for the GenZ and encourages Generation-Z users to be more interactive and play games for winning prizes. Because of such interactive activities, Likee is an attractive platform for users around the globe, whereas the number of female users is slightly higher than male users. GenZ users accounted for over half of the total Likee users in 2021. Likee is and will always be committed to the mission of creating the “Next Gen Community,” aiming to become a favorable platform among the young generation and connect users sharing the same interests.

Likee has also enabled its partners (B2B) by providing them diversified brand exposure resources such as live streaming, hashtag challenge, and KOL promotion. In 2021, Likee achieved dozens of brand partnerships, including partnership deals with internationally-acclaimed brands such as Pepsi and OPPO, etc. In collaboration with Likee, Holy Corn, a Russian healthy popcorn snack, launched “Holy Corn X Likee.” It was an instant hit, and this conceptual product created an ROI as high as 1400% through integrated online marketing. The successful campaign also entitled Holy Corn two 2021 Effie Awards Russia, namely the “Business Challenge” (Silver) and “Business Budget” (Bronze).

Gibson Yuen, Head of Likee Operations, said, “Likee is a platform that is getting increasingly popular among users of all ages and brands as well. Especially, last year has been phenomenal for Likee as it has grown to be more diversified and offered bespoke solutions and marketing strategies to its brand partners, which have in turn helped others to grow and shine.”

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