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Triplover- Become your travel companion

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To meet the demand for online travel to keep pace with the global trend in technology development, Triplover has emerged to make a big difference in the Bangladesh travel market. Triplover, a subsidiary of US-Bangla Group, has recently started flagging the way with all kinds of facilities to cater to the needs of travel thirsty people.

Triplover has been established as a significant ticket collection platform for all airlines around the world to reach travelers’ doorsteps. Triplover not only provides ticket booking services for domestic and international routes but also serves as a hub for providing all types of travel-related services including hotel booking, visa processing, tour packages, etc.

While airlines, hotels, motels, resorts, tour and travel agencies around the world are on the verge of closing down due to the Corona pandemic, the US-Bangla Group has come up with the idea of “Triplover”, an online travel agency with modern facilities for travel thirsty people. It can play a special role in the online travel agency business in Bangladesh.

Triplover operates business its own website. Not only the website but also the travel agency has the facility to collect hotel bookings and tour packages including airline tickets directly through its own offices in Dhaka, Chattogram, Jashore and Rangpur. In the near future, there are plans to have own offices in all the districts of the country where travel agencies can contact and get services from Triplover.

Travelers have the freedom to collect their own tickets, including payments, through Triplover’s website. With the Corona pandemic or with the right use of time, there is an opportunity to choose the airlines, hotels and other facilities as per your choice considering the date, destination, budget constraints. With all the facilities, the customer can collect the ticket via email at any time. All the services of Triplover are available round the clock for the customers.

Triplover can be any airline of your choice, economy or business class for seat choice, five stars, four-star or three-star for hotel choice and deluxe, super deluxe, or suite for room choice. Everything depends on budget constraints. Triplover is serving customers with a preference for any choice.

At the same time, you will find all the airlines’ available fares and other information on the Triplover website so that you can easily decide on the ticket collection.

Triplover offers online payments through any type of Visa, Master Card, American Express, Union Pay, DBBL Nexus, City Touch. Payment can also be made easily using Mobile Banking Development, Rocket, Bkash, Nagad, etc.

For any information to get the service through Triplover, please contact – 01730 785685, 09613345345 or visit –

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