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Toffee brings famous Turkish series ‘Suleman’ in Bangla

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Toffee, a top digital entertainment platform in Bangladesh, will stream the popular Turkish thriller series “Suleman” in Bangla from 8 June. Anyone can watch the drama for free from any network.

The titular character of the series is a well-known economics professor and a family man. Despite Suleman’s honesty, a corrupt coworker gets him fired from his job with false accusations. Things turn worse when his son gets diagnosed with an incurable disease. Everyone turns their back on Suleman when he is helpless. Tough times make Suleman do things that were unthinkable to him before.

The lead cast of “Suleman” includes Halit Ergenç, Asli Enver, Nur Fettahoğlu, and Ozan Güven among others. Several cast members from this series, including Halit Ergenç, were also seen playing lead roles in the popular historical drama “Sultan Suleman.”

The Seoul Int’l Drama Awards 2020 nominated series will be able to strike an emotional connection with the Bangladeshi audience for its ties to family sentiments.

Abdul Muqit Ahmed, Director, Toffee, said, “Turkish dramas have a big fan base in Bangladesh. Banglalink wants to bring the best of entertainment to Bangla through Toffee. With the fastest 4G internet, entertainment is just an app away. We are happy to see the overwhelming support from our fans, which encourages us to bring these world-class contents.”

“As the first Bangladeshi UGC platform, Toffee wants to diversify its content library with trending local contents, along with live sports, TV, movies and music,” he added.

Hayat Murat, Sura, The Great Seljuk and Kurulus Osman are the trending Turkish series’ on Toffee at this moment.

The Toffee app can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store on Android and iOS devices and Android TV. Some contents can also be enjoyed on the Toffee website:

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