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TIME names Galaxy Z Flip3 5G among 2021’s 100 best inventions

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TIME Magazine names Galaxy Z FIip3 5G as one of ‘The 100 Best Inventions of 2021,’ where it is joined by the year’s most groundbreaking creations from around the world a feat Samsung has achieved after three generations of foldable innovation. With this year’s launch of the Galaxy Z FIip3 5G, Samsung has hit yet another milestone as consumers and tech enthusiasts are taking notice of the device’s innovation, technological maturity, durability, and style.

TIME Magazine has released a list of 100 best inventions in 2021, and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip3 is one of them. Apart from the unique 6.7-inch display, TIME Magazine commended Samsung for lowering the price of foldable phones to below USD 1,000. The publication praised Samsung for merging ‘the functionality of smartphones with the portability’ with the ‘00s-era flip phone.

Before the inception of the smartphone era, manufacturers experimented with various phone styles and designs. From candy bar phones and clicking dial pads, advanced flip and slide phones, to QWERTY phones, people have seen several innovative designs come and go. However, one design that really stole consumers’ hearts was the flip phone. Its quality of being compact enough to fit into the pocket but expandable to provide users with more features is what made this innovation impossible to forget.

Keeping this spirit of innovation alive, Samsung has developed the Galaxy Z Flip3 5G to change the way we work, express, and create with our smartphones. The device combines the power of today’s smartphone with the portability and style of the flip. With the combination of its functionality and flip phone portability, Samsung is bringing users an all-new smartphone experience. All of this has led TIME Magazine to name Galaxy Z FIip3 5G as one of ‘The 100 Best Inventions of 2021.’

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