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Thousands of Extreme poor families receive food support and health hygiene products from Dhaka Ahsania Mission

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In this Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown situation, the thousands of extreme poor families of Savar and Satkhira Municipality received food support and health hygiene products from Health and Nutrition Voucher Scheme for Poor, Extreme Poor and Socially excluded people (PEPSEP) project implemented by Health Sector of Dhaka Ahsania Mission (DAM).

The Relief Distribution Ceremonies were organized on 14 and 15 July at Satkhira Municipality and from 16 to 18 July at Savar Municipality with the support of European Union (EU). Out of 1000 families, 700 are from Satkhira Municipality and 300 are from Savar Municipality. Each family received 30 kg rice, 03 kg lintel, 03 liters cooking oil, 01 kg salt, 01 kg sugar, 05 kg potatoes, 03 kg onions, 03 pcs soap for bath and hand wash, 02 packets detergent powder, 16 reusable mask, and 02 packets sanitary napkin as food aid and health hygiene products.

Satkhira Municipality Mayor Md. Tajkin Ahmed Chishti was present as the Chief Guest in the Relief Distribution Ceremony at Satkhira. Also the Panel Mayor Kazi Firoz Hasan along with Secretary of Clinic and Diagnostic Association, Ward Councilors, Official of Slum Area Development Project of Satkhira Municipality and the officials of DAM-PEPSEP Project Satkhira area joined the program. On the other hand, Ward Councilors and Health Officer of Savar Municipality, Assistant Director of DAM-Health Sector and the officials of DAM-PEPSEP Project Satkhira area were present during the relief distribution in Savar.

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