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Thirty Minutes to Go!

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New cricket-based television show ‘Thirty Minutes to go’ will start 30 minutes before starting of the match in the Twenty20 World Cup this year.

Listening to Banglalink presents ‘ Thirty Minutes to go’; it may seem that what you are waiting for! What is in the middle of this wait!

In case of other cricket events, before the match starts, it is very different from what we usually see, ’30 minutes left ‘. It is difficult to find people who have not played cricket in alleys, yards or on the roofs of houses.

Cricket frenzy is so widespread among us! So no matter how big we get, when we see someone playing in these big and small events, it feels like we are batting a little or bowling a ball or two. This pull of cricket is the pull of our roots which cannot be avoided even if we want to. And in the first 15 minutes of the show, there is a great arrangement of the ‘Goli Cup’ to show the cricket on the street.

There will be no professional game; there will be cricket that we all love, cricket that we can remember watching the show. Where the ball cannot be bowled loudly, there is a fear of getting out when hitting a six, where everyone, big or small, would play together.

We have all enjoyed those strangely beautiful rules of street cricket. So somewhere in the first 15 minutes you will find yourself, you will find various memories of your favorite childhood.

In the remaining 15 minutes of the show, there will be some of the best moments in the history of cricket which brings the cricket to the heights of popularity today. Sometimes the show participants discuss about cricket great Brian Lara, great celebration of Taskin-Mashrafe together and sometimes it will be record of Little Master Sachin Tendulkar.

When the wait comes to an end, a brief description will be given on line-up of the match, icon players of the match and prediction of upcoming match.

And then the T20 World Cup will start with a big event for which there is so much, for which there is a beautiful event called ‘ Thirty Minutes to Go ‘.

If you want to experience this different experience of waiting for cricket together, you have to sit in front of T-Sports and GTV with ‘Thirty Minutes to Go’

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