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Starting a life together – Cost vs. comfort?

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With the fall of the year and the weather outside getting chillier and chillier, the wedding season is back again in our contemporary societies. We can already feel the festive vibe everywhere, as we keep receiving invitations and getting tagged into selfies where all are wearing matching clothes every now and then. In the middle of all the ‘kacchi’ and ‘borhani’ shenanigans, weddings may seem to be all fun and games – until the program takes place in our own houses, among our own keens – and only then do we realize the harder part of it: the prepping!

From breaking the ice between two families to ultimately tying the knot – there can be a stupendous number of responsibilities to take care of, as the bride and groom prepare for their new life together. Although the responsibilities are mostly distributed among the family members, it seems like there are never enough people to take charge of everything! Selecting the venue, making guest lists, distributing invitation cards, arranging for decoration, photography, catering, and everything else – the to-do list for a perfect wedding goes longer and longer. But what most of us tend to, being occupied with so many formalities, is that we forget about ensuring maximum comfort for the very bride and groom, who are to remain at the center of all the celebrations.

For example, most parents tend to have premeditations and fixated plans to attend the invitees. The social constraints to present with a certain standard of celebratory arrangements often require the parents to go beyond their financial limitations. Peer pressure also sometimes causes the special two to become anxious and hold back from expressing personal opinions, which then leads to their half-hearted participation throughout the event. Even when the streak of programs is finally over, the physical stress is barely gone soon, as the newlyweds now face the mental challenge of having to realign their lifestyles and priorities in the middle of all the new faces.

For individuals who are rather pickier and more sensitive about personal belongings, adjusting to such newness is often overwhelming. Moreover, when the newlyweds are younger or are in the initial years of their professional careers, financial management after marriage could turn out to be a crucial challenge at first. Prices of daily necessities are almost never going down, plus a new home means a whole set of new interior appliances. And a heap of questions arrives for the twosome –

“How to keep our clothes fresh and clean? How to keep her favorite chocolates from melting? Where to watch his favorite movies with perfect sound and pictures? Isn’t it all going to be too expensive?”

Setting up a perfect nest for the newlyweds can actually turn out to be quite expensive if not done through proper planning and research. Families, having already been exhausted by the steep expenses of the wedding, hence are often found to be cutting costs in this step. But it then results in the newlyweds compromising on their picture of a perfect life together, which is never ideal.

Fortunately, many brands and shopping platforms these days provide a good range of discount offers, EMI, and other facilities so that the customers can enjoy top-notch brand experiences while staying within their budgets! Samsung Bangladesh recently introduced one such offer that is crafted especially keeping the convenience of the newlyweds in mind. The “Bibaho Utshob” offer from Samsung includes 4 incredible packages – Platinum, Diamond, Gold, and Silver – with lucrative bundle-price offers for electronic items required by couples who are about to start a new life. The attractive packages include Platinum Package: 55” 4K UHD TV, 465 Liter no frost refrigerator, 9KG front loading Steam Wash washing machine – Price: BDT 2,24,000. Diamond Package: 43” 4K UHD TV, 321 Liter no frost refrigerator, 8KG front loading washing machine – Price: BDT 1,59,900. Gold Package: 43” Smart TV, 275 Liter no frost refrigerator, 7KG inverter top-loading washing machine – Price: BDT 99,900. Silver Package: 32” Smart TV, 218 Liter frost refrigerator, 7KG top-loading washing machine – Price: BDT 79,900.

Purchasing a TV, a refrigerator and a washing machine in a bundle can help to save a handsome amount on the post-wedding expenses of the newlyweds. Along with the exciting discounts on the cutting-edge products, customers shall also enjoy free gifts and a 0% EMI facility upon their purchases.

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