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Sombhabona’s tree planting program

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Sombhabona Tree plantation
Sombhabona Tree plantation

With the aim of planting lakhs of trees across the country Sombhabona’s tree planting program has been started. The program started on August 2 with the planting of more than 300 trees in the open space of two shelter projects, Union Parishad and Gopalpur Azgar Ali School in Sujanagar Police Station, Kathalbaria, Mozaitpur village in Pabna district.

The tree-planting program on August 2 was attended by the chairman, secretary, potential volunteers and residents of the area concerned. The overall maintenance of the trees will be assisted by the District Forest Department, concerned Union Parishads, local volunteers of Sombhabona Youth for Bangladesh and residents of the concerned areas.

In this regard, Ariful Islam, co-founder of Sombhabona, said that as a volunteer, there are some responsibilities towards the people of the country as well as the environment. Under this program, we will plant lakhs of trees in educational institutions, char areas, river erosion-prone areas, on both sides of various roads and in abandoned-uncultivated places across the country.

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