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UDDIPAN Launches Simulation Hitech Lab to Upskill Workforces

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United Development Initiatives for Programmed Actions (UDDIPAN) has launched a specialized Simulation& Hitech Lab recently in Dhaka to upskill workforces for entering in UK, European & Commonwealth markets.

British MP & Shadow Minister for Transport, and Shadow Parliamentary Private Secretary for the BEIS Shadow Team, Sam Tarryinaugurated Simulation&Hitech Lab by UDDIPAN at SKS Tower in the capital’s Mohakhali as Chief Guest.

Chairman of UDDIPAN Board Md. Nazrul Islam Khan and Member of the UDDIPAN Board & Adviser of International Affairs Nazir Alam were also present on the occasion among other Board Members and Management Team of the organisation.

Regarding the Simulation & Hitech Lab, UDDIPAN Chairman Md. Nazrul Islam Khan said that the facility will address the skill gap of Bangladeshi workers in context of UK market.

Nazir Alam said“The lab is intended to bridge between different accreditations of Bangladesh and the UK as applicable to meet the requirements of the destination country.It will cater to the needs of skilled workers in the hospitality and construction sectors along with training as per national and international accreditations.

Also, the lab has been equipped with VR, AR and SR technologies to be utilised for the first time in Bangladesh, which will ensure high quality delivery of key competencies through next generation tech solutions.There is huge potentials for Bangladeshi nurses and caregivers in the National Health Service (NHS) vacancies and other equivalent countries while hospitality and construction sectors need more skilled workforces to meet the demand generated post Brexit” he said.

British MP Sam Tarry said: “It’s a huge honor to open this groundbreaking facility – the potential to meet demand for staff in the NHS with high trained, high quality and committed staff in the post Brexit era is huge. The reciprocal benefits of these staff also working in Bangladesh means we are raising standards here too.

Working jointly with a country we have so much shared history, language and culture with – let alone the huge diaspora community already in the U.K., means we can turbo charge this opportunity to make a lasting sustainable difference.”

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