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ShareTrip introduces Seat Selection feature for enhanced travel experience

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Leading travel-tech platform ShareTrip has just unveiled their latest Seat Selection feature to foster more comfortable and personalised travel experiences. Hence, travellers can now conveniently pick their preferred choice of seats through ShareTrip, and enjoy a cosier journey according to individual preference.
Frequent travellers often enjoy the advantage of having early access to seat selection, enabling them to secure their favourite seats before other passengers. Whether it is for extra legroom seats, bulkhead seats, or seats near the front of the aircraft – the option to book own preferred seats can be a game-changer. This is why ShareTrip brings the seat selection feature to Bangladesh for the first time as a travel tech platform.
Users can easily book their desired spots in advance by heading to the “My Booking” section on the ShareTrip app or website, after completing the review and payment procedures. Afterwards, in the “Seat Details” section, all one has to do is click “Start Selecting Seats” and then pick their desired seats from the available options to maximise their travel experiences. Currently, users can enjoy this seat selection feature on the ShareTrip website specifically for Singapore Airlines.
“When it comes to air travel, pre-booking seats can significantly impact the overall experience of the journey”, said Nafiz Chowdhury, Senior Manager, Product, Campaign & Partnership, Marketing. “By reserving seats in advance, you can ensure a comfortable journey and peace of mind, knowing you have confirmed your favourite seats. As a platform that strives to view consumer convenience with great priority, ShareTrip is delighted to introduce this new feature. We hope our customers will enjoy the unique feature, and cherish their smoother travel experiences”, he added.
The service personalisation may require an additional charge. For more information, please visit to download the ShareTrip app Link, or visit website.

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