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SHAREit Is In The Top List Of Media Sources Driving Non-Gaming Global In-App Purchases

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SHAREit Group, a global technology company, today announced that its digital content sharing and streaming app SHAREit, has been ranked No.4 media source globally in volume and power rankings in non-gaming categories and No.7 in all categories on the In-App purchases (IAP) index, marking another growth milestone. It also ranked at No.8 on the global retention index across all categories for driving huge volumes.
SHAREit also jumped to higher rankings in gaming categories on the Retention and In-App purchases index globally, having broken into categories such as Casual and Midcore gaming in Southeast Asia. The rankings are provided by AppsFlyer, a marketing measurement and experience platform which released the 14th edition of their Performance Index this week, featuring the top media sources in mobile advertising. Underscoring the financial investment boom in markets like Latin America and Southeast Asia, SHAREit for the first time ranks amongst the Top 3 on the Retention index and retains its position amongst the top 5 on the IAP index when compared to H1 2021, under the Finance-Investments volume category.
SHAREit has become a marketing platform of choice for mobile marketers as they look to drive quality users and branding, and these rankings underscore the app’s role in growing the ecosystem. SHAREit is supporting the growth of leading companies – big enterprises to startups – from gaming and fintech space across the globe. The leading media publisher seeks to drive digital and financial inclusion in emerging markets like Southeast Asia by breaking down the barriers and providing access to the underserved. As the foundational plumbing of the digital infrastructure in these markets, the online and offline platform has enhanced reach and affordability of digital services, and over a period of time gained massive trust as users continue sharing files at fast speeds, new apps – for example, those catering to their banking and finance needs – mobile games and recommendations within their community.
“Mobile gaming and digital payments are two key trends to watch in the emerging markets around the globe and we are excited to propel these even further. Consumer spending in gaming apps surged 16% in 2021 to reach a staggering $116 billion worldwide. Smartphones are driving a global fintech boom with geographies like Latin America, Africa and Southeast Asia seeing the rise of neobanks, consumer lending firms, payments and cryptocurrency companies. Given the massive potential, we are working extensively with gaming apps and financial institutions to help them tap into the digital natives in the emerging markets.” says, Karam Malhotra, Partner and Global Vice-President at SHAREit Group. “As a leading media publisher driving in-app purchases for gaming and fintech brands in the world, we are focused on growing the ecosystem and fueling the transformation of digital habits and lifestyle.”
SHAREit’s primary feature is the peer-to-peer file transfer, allowing users to share files, pictures, music, and more, with other devices without using an active internet or Bluetooth connection. Being one of the first app channel partners of Google Play, it also ensures secure application transfers with Peer-to-Peer Offline App Sharing.
Besides the high-speed file sharing feature, SHAREit also helps its users to save memory space on their devices by eliminating the need to download other tool apps. The additional features of the app include Phone Cleaner, Phone Booster, Battery Saver, File Manager and Game Resource Files Transfer – all targeted to provide an optimized smartphone experience to the users.
SHAREit Group has launched a global payments solution, PayerMax, which is committed to building a secure, reliable, and convenient payment environment. They are working on empowering businesses around the globe to grow by helping them integrate into the purchase avenues of people in the emerging markets, and at the same time leading to a better buyer experience.
Going forward, SHAREit is looking to integrate the advertising platform and global payment solutions to deliver a commercial advertising closed loop through its efficient and open systemic solutions.

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