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SHAREit Group to strengthen business in Bangladesh market

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SHAREit Group, the global internet technology company, mainly dedicated to mobile internet application development and digital services, is set to strengthen business in the Bangladesh market to fulfill the diverse demands of the people of the country.

The number of internet users in Bangladesh increased by 7.7 million (+19%) between 2020 and 2021. In January 2021, there were 47.61 million internet users and the Internet penetration in the country stood at 28.8%. A recent report has shown that the number of internet users in Bangladesh expanded by 3.3 crore between 2010 and 2019, bringing another 20 percent of the population online.

Compared to the vastly increasing number of internet users in Bangladesh, the development of internet channels and resources is fairly slow. A rapid and reliable internet application is highly required in the country. With a corporate value of making digital content equally accessible by everyone, the company sets its sights firmly on this market. Currently, SHAREit Group has its offices in various countries and regions of the world, including Singapore, Indonesia, the Philippines, the United Arab Emirates, etc. And now, they are eyeing Bangladesh for their next destination as it is an emerging market and boasts a large base of users.

SHAREit app, the core product of SHAREit Group, offers endless opportunities for the users to access a world full of online streaming videos, file transfer facilities, gaming, entertaining and personalized digital content. Owing to its popularity, it has been recognized as the “Nationally Favored App” in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Mid-East, Africa, and Russian-speaking countries.

SHAREit Group has built a diversified suite of applications, which has been installed by nearly 2.4 billion users worldwide including the core app SHAREit. Taking this large number of users into account, SHAREit group has mapped out plans to strengthen business in Bangladesh to cater for the digital entertainment, brand marketing, and advertising solution needs of the country. The SHAREit Group has reached users in over 150 countries and the app is available in 45 different languages.

According to AppsFlyer Performance Index for H1, 2020, SHAREit was named as the fastest-growing media publisher globally. It also captured the top spot amongst the fastest-growing media publishers in Southeast Asia, the Indian Subcontinent, and the Middle East. And according to AppsFlyer Performance Index for H2, 2020, SHAREit captured the top spot amongst the fastest-growing media publishers in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

As Karam Malhotra, Partner and Global Vice – President of SHAREit, shared, “From starting as a simple file transfer app, SHAREit has now branched out into other ventures such as brand marketing, digital advertising, entertainment solutions, etc. Over the years, our growth as a platform for marketing and entertainment as well as the meteoric rise of total users has been phenomenal. Now that we have a large number of users in Bangladesh, we want to strengthen our business in this country to partner with local and global apps and serve our users in more enhanced ways.”

This renewed journey of SHAREit Group in Bangladesh is expected to benefit the users in multi-faceted ways as it comes as an alternative channel for brand marketing as well. Apart from high-quality digital services, SHAREit Group will offer in-depth, customized, and locally-tailored advertising and branding solutions riding on its capabilities and billions of global users to the local brands and marketers.

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