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Shahidur Rahman: Beacon of hope in socio development

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To work for the country, for the people of the country, requires courage and an energetic mind to overcome all obstacles. If you wanna say you are a patriot, you must feel for the people of your country. We are talking about the one whose inner voice always commands him to work to meet the needs of the surrounding people. He could not bear the inequality of the society, the discrimination of the people, the suffering of the people. Helping people was a matter of boundless joy for him from an early age.

We are talking about the idol, Shahidur Rahman Chowdhury Jabed, who is holding the position of a fearless soldier. He is the model of the social workers whose prime intention is to serve people. From his childhood, he has had a fascination for helping others. He was involved with different social works. The area of his work was spread widely through his joining the social organization Golapganj Helping Hands USA.

Shahidur Rahman Chowdhury Jabed is currently holding the position of General Secretary at Golapganj Helping Hands USA. He has conducted many works to push socio-development. He never feared work for the people; even the Covid situation couldn’t stop him. When people started to neglect the Covid patients and left them behind, he took the initiative to distribute food among the victims of Corona in his Upazila. In the first phase of Corona, he assisted more than 500 families, and in the second phase, he assisted about 250 families. Besides, he took steps to provide maximum support to ensure oxygen service in his area.

The Golapganj Helping Hands community is the first to come forward in any developmental activity in Gopalganj. Under the leadership of Shahidur Rahman, 5,000 trees were planted in Golapganj as part of the year-long tree planting program on the occasion of Mujib Year.
Shadidur Rahman is a real hero who is working to move the wheel of development of the country. While talking about his future plan for the development of the country, he said that in order to uplift the country, the first initiative should be to eradicate poverty.

According to him, “Only education can reduce poverty.” His dream is to create a better society together where there will be zero illiteracy. Shahidur Rahman has concerned with every sector of social development. He encourages young adults to participate in sports. In a sports event, he said that ‘‘Sports can restrain us from any kind of antisocial or criminal acts’’.

Shahidur Rahman has always had his family by his side in helping people since his childhood. The only goal of his life is to work diligently for the country by overcoming all the obstacles in the way of social service. We can expect much more from him in the interest of the country in the future.

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