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Prince Mamun wants to live with music for the rest of his life

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Prince Mamun, a young musician. He has been associated with music since childhood. He regularly performs on the stage. He entered the media in 2015 with 1 duet song in a mixed album called Anander Gaan. Since then, several mixed albums and singles songs have been released by Prince Mamun.

He joined Jajabor Band in 2016 as a vocalist. Jajabor released two albums called Janjal and Baulami. He also participated in TV Musical Live on several channels. He has also participated in several shows in different districts of the country on behalf of the band. In 2016, he left Jajabar and formed a band called ‘Boundule’. He also said that working on an album is going on lately.

Apart from stage shows, he is also invited to the TV and radio programs regularly. He is currently working on a few singles and mixed albums. If all goes well, the songs will be released in video format in a few days from various production companies. I wish everyone’s blessings so that I can spend time with the music for the rest of my life.


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