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Samsung Front Load Washing Machine

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Remember those times when there was a dedicated time set for washing clothes – usually around the noon of the day. The housemaids will gather clothes while your mom would be shouting in the background. Then once every other month, bedsheets, pillows, and curtains would be cleaned. Remember how buckets after buckets were used to get filled with water and bubbles to clean the oversized items, and others have to help the maid to wash it, especially squeeze the bedsheet to remove the extra liquid and hang it on ropes for drying.

The entire process was a hassle, time-consuming, and used to put extra strain on the people who were cleaning the clothes by hand, especially the bigger items. Moreover, bedsheets, pillows, and duvet should be cleaned frequently. Humans shed millions of skin cells every night and, on average, a liter of sweat. Then add dust mites to it. Are you feeling a little bit uncomfortable? Well, you should be.

Fortunately, time has changed, and technology has evolved, making our lives easier and convenient. Washing machines, one of the marvels of science, have made it easier to clean lots of garments quickly and oversized clothes frequently. For example, Samsung Front Load Washing Machine, with a 9Kg capacity, lets you wash more clothes at a time. It means it will be less of a challenge for people to wash bed sheets, duvet, or curtains frequently.

Moreover, features like Eco Bubble technology provide powerful cleaning, even at low temperatures. The technology will turn your chosen detergent into bubbles, giving it more opportunity to quickly penetrate and protect the fabric while removing the dirt efficiently and saving energy. The washing machine comes with AddWash Front Loader and Digital Inverter Motor features to save the bill further.

AddWash Front Loader will allow you to add clothes to the load anytime, even during a wash cycle. It’s pretty normal for you to forget to put your clothes in the load and to avoid running a second load, you can simply add them with the help of the innovative AddWash functionality. Avoiding running a second load eliminates extra energy usage and lessens the consumption of unnecessary amounts of water. On the other hand, Digital Inverter Motor uses strong magnets for a calmer and robust performance while decreasing energy consumption.

Most of the time, it has been seen that residuals of detergents or waste from the previous washes are left behind in the machine after a load. Those waste can later turn into molds and hampers the washing process. Fortunately, the eco-friendly ECO Drum Clean technology of Samsung will eliminate offensive odors by eliminating 99.9% of contaminants from washing machines and prevent molds and germs from forming.

Additionally, the Hygiene Steam cycle feature will improve the wash’s cleaning quality, which will help the technology remove ingrained dirt, bacteria, and inactive allergens. The Easy Iron feature will stop any clothes from becoming badly creased or wrinkled by using a lower spin speed.

Doing laundry, especially of oversized items, used to be a hassle and time-consuming. Thanks to the latest technologies like Samsung Front Load Washing Machine, juggling between household chores, laundry, and work has become more convenient. The price starts from BDT 49,000 with sizes from 8kg to 17kg. These innovative technologies have also helped you manage your expenses, improve lifestyles, create extra time for yourself, and not depend on maids anymore.

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