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Samsung best handset brand for the 4th time in a row!

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Samsung has done it again! Bangladesh Brand Forum has declared the eminent smartphone manufacturer to be the ‘No. 1 Mobile Handset Brand’ in Bangladesh for the 4th time in a row. Recently a celebratory event took place at Le Méridien, through Brandfest 2021, where Samsung was declared the winner of this prestigious accolade for their excellence and unnerving commitment by the Bangladesh Brand Forum.

2021 has been a difficult year for almost all the largescale industries and manufacturers. The highly-contagious coronavirus and the global lockdowns caused even many industry giants to struggle to cope up. Many unprecedented challenges were thrown to the smartphone manufacturers since maintaining their workforce, production, and supply chains besides researching innovation and market exploration almost became impossible. But despite all the impediments, Samsung successfully managed to survive and maintain its business objectives with impressive recovery in Q3 and Q4.

The leading South Korean brand has been a popular choice amongst Bangladesh’s consumers, especially because of its reliability, endurance, customer service, and affordability. Samsung has been maintaining a wide range of handsets, which meet users’ requirements and comfort of all ages and classes. Bangladesh Brand Forum recognized such pertinent business practices, giving Samsung the award consecutively since the year 2018. Top brands of Bangladesh are identified through a nationwide survey conducted by the market research firm Nielsen Bangladesh Ltd for the selection of the Bangladesh Brand Forum Award.

Samsung launched the much anticipated Galaxy Foldables earlier this year with Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 & Flip 3 5G which gained huge popularity. In addition, the Galaxy A series created much hype amongst content creators with its exciting features at reasonable prices.

Md Muyeedur Rahman, Head of Mobile, Samsung Bangladesh, said, “Our efforts always remain purpose-driven, and that purpose is to be better than yesterday. Samsung is proud to have such a loyal customer base in Bangladesh, for whom it was possible for us to strive through the difficulties of the pandemic. We have managed to maintain our standards, and our efforts have been recognized once again. Thanks to Bangladesh Brand Forum for acknowledging our commitment and thanks to all our customers, partners, employees and other stakeholders.”

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