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Rupsha introduce three wheeler CNG tires in Bangladesh market

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Rupsha Tires recently inaugurated the production and marketing activities of three-wheeled mechanical transport tires. The three-wheeler tires brought in the market will be able to meet the demand for quality tires in the transport sector of Bangladesh. Simultaneously, these environmental friendly tires will help to build an accident-free and safe road in Bangladesh. There are currently 4 models of CNG tires available in the market including Rupsha Asia, Alion, Passenger. Rupsha is currently marketing tires through more than 1,200 dealers across the country. Mr. Debashish Das, Marketing Manager of Rupsa, said that the design of each CNG tire would make them sturdier, long lasting and faster. Which would equally adept at all seasons – summer, monsoon and winter. The use of high quality rubber and modern formulas as well as state-of-the-art technology has made them stronger and more durable than other tires available on the market. He reiterates, Our tires are made in such a way that the vehicles can easily cope with various man-made obstacles and natural calamities on the road.

Since 1991, Rupsha Tires and Chemicals Ltd. started manufacturing rickshaw and bicycle tires and tubes. Recently, motorcycles, easy bikes, motor rickshaws, CNG tires and tubes has been included in their product portfolio. It is mentionable that, their famous Rupsha 707 Hawaiian slippers became very popular in the country market during 80’s. Which established Rupsa as a local brand.

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