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Rancon Group introduces the modern 1-ton pickup ‘Rowor’ in Bangladesh

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Manufactured by Rancon Auto Industries Limited in Boro Bhobanipur, Kashimpur, Gazipur, this pickup is set to revolutionize the transportation sector with its durable frame, powerful engine, and impressive towing capacity. The first unit of Rowor was successfully produced early in the new year, under the banner of Rancon Automobiles Limited.

A grand opening ceremony recently took place, with Arman Rashid, Chief Business Officer of Rancon Automobiles Limited, as the Chief Guest, and Mr. Lee, Country Director of Rowor, as a special guest. In his speech, Arman Rashid highlighted the increasing demand for commercial transport in Bangladesh, expressing confidence that the ‘Rowor’ pickup would make a significant impact.

Rowor’s features, including a durable frame, powerful engine, spacious interior, and advanced technology, distinguish it as both a family and commercial vehicle. Country Director Mr. Lee emphasized the transformative effect of the pickup on Bangladesh’s transport sector, contributing to increased business volume and GDP.

Manufacturers anticipate that the Rowor 1-ton pickup will excel in terms of price, quality, and capability among small vehicles in the country. With extra power, sturdiness, and comfort, Rowor boasts excellent mileage, load capacity, and readily available parts in the local market. The vehicle’s features include power steering for complete control, a strong body and chassis, efficient brakes, and a fuel-efficient vertical, inline, water-cooling four-stroke engine.

Acknowledging the global popularity of pickup trucks, we believe that the ‘Rowor’ pickup from the Rancon Group will gain high confidence in the Bangladeshi market, given the rising demand in the commercial and transportation sectors.

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