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Evolution of News Presentation in Bangladesh

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  • Sharmin Akhi

In 2002, girls aspiring to be news presenters in Bangladesh faced challenges rooted in conservative cultural norms. Cultural expectations limited their visibility in public roles, concerns about safety and security were prominent, and societal views often restricted women from pursuing careers that involved a public presence. Overcoming these barriers required breaking through deeply ingrained stereotypes and norms. Bangladeshi society held more conservative views, and there was a prevalent concern for the safety of women traveling or working during early mornings or late nights. Women news presenters faced additional scrutiny and apprehension due to traditional gender roles. The prevailing mindset often involved skepticism and, at times, disapproval of women working in roles that required unconventional hours, impacting their freedom and perception in society.

However, over the years, there has been a positive shift. In 2023, there’s greater acceptance and opportunities for Bangladeshi girls in media, reflecting a more inclusive and progressive environment. The big difference lies in the evolving societal attitudes and increased recognition of women’s capabilities in the field. there’s been a notable shift in Bangladeshi society’s mindset towards female news presenters working during unconventional hours. There’s a greater acceptance and recognition of women’s professional capabilities, leading to a more supportive environment. The major difference lies in the evolving attitudes, with increased understanding and appreciation for women pursuing careers that involve early morning or late-night commitments. It reflects a positive change towards gender equality and breaking traditional stereotypes.

The key factor driving the change in mindset from 2002 to 2023 is increased awareness and education, challenging traditional gender roles. As society becomes more informed and progressive, people are recognizing and appreciating the professional competence of female news presenters. Efforts in promoting gender equality, along with exposure to diverse perspectives through media, have played pivotal roles in reshaping attitudes toward women working during unconventional hours.

For upcoming news presenters, the core message is to stay resilient, believe in your capabilities, and embrace the journey despite challenges and social barriers. Overcoming negative views requires a combination of confidence, continuous learning, and breaking stereotypes through excellence in your work. Be a trailblazer, challenge norms, and let your professionalism speak louder than societal biases. Your dedication and passion can contribute to changing perceptions and paving the way for a more inclusive future in the media industry.

Writer: Sharmin Akhi, News presenter of Bangladesh Betar & former news presenter of Chanel i & SA TV.

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