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Ramadan Special Islamic Show on Channel Nine ‘Utkorshotay Muslim’

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On the holy month of Ramadan, Channel 9 has launched a Life-related special Islamic show ‘Muslims in Excellence’. Viewers will be able to enjoy this program at 4 pm every day throughout the month of Ramadan. The “Utkorshotay Muslim” show, courtesy of Bijli Cables, will discuss ways to grow as an ideal Muslim in the light of the Qur’an and Sunnah and build family, institutions, and society.
The event was organized and planned by Muhammad Rashid Al Majid Khan Siddiqui Mamun, an Islamic researcher, media personality and president and co-founder of the Muslim Research Center. The topics of the show include ‘Utkorshotay Muslim’, ‘Role of parents in the development of children, ‘Development of relationship between husband and wife’, ‘Change of speech and behavior’, ‘What to do to build an ideal business organization’, ‘Real Muslims to build a peaceful society. Introduction ‘,’ Moderation and way of avoiding sin ‘,’ Presenting the characteristics of a believer ‘etc.
In this regard, Muhammad Rashid Al Majid Khan Siddiqui Mamun said, “We all have many questions in our minds about the practice of Islamic values and way of life. In the productive Muslim program, those issues will be taught and informed to the audience practically. In this way, they will be able to help in physical and spiritual development as well as in building a more developed society.”
Khandaker Murad, Head of Marketing, Channel Nine, said: All the eminent Islamic researchers and thinkers will take part in the program ‘Utkorshotay Muslim’. I hope the audience likes the show. “

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